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Calming Ensuite

This project is proof again that even if your space has some kooky architecture, it's possible to get a clean and calm effect. Nothing about this large bathroom is 90 degrees: the walls angle and above the tub is a partially lofted octagonal ceiling. For the remodel, we conscientiously designed architectural elements and finishes to counter all that business. Walls now blend into both ceiling and the ground color of the tile. Tile is all rectangular and a consistent tone, and we made sure tile lines were continuous around the space. Fixture finishes match throughout (which we don't always do!). Transitioning from this before to this after was about more than stripping wallpaper and upgrading fixtures and finishes. Nothing like a good challenging space to keep us on our toes!

Contractor: JL Benton Contracting

Cabinetry: Stoll’s Woodworking

Photographer: Addison Group LLC