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How to Measure and Photograph

How to measure and photograph your room(s)

Example of a detailed sketch with measurements.

  1. Using pencil and paper, sketch out the existing layout (don't worry about drawing to scale), and be sure to include the locations of any windows, doors, closets, columns or other built-in elements.
  2. Using a tape measure, first measure each wall, corner to corner. Ideally, keep your tape measure low to the ground, if not on the ground.  If it runs into baseboard, add back in the depth of the baseboard so you are measuring a true wall-to-wall distance.
  3. Now measure each wall in detail.
    • Start at one corner of the room and measure to the outside of the casing (trim) of the first window or doorway.
    • Then measure the window or doorway and include the casing in the measurement.
    • Continue measuring until you reach the end of the wall.  (Please be sure to take note of the following items: doors, windows, built-ins, vents/radiators/heating sources, electrical outlets, switches, sconces, etc.)
  4. Add up the detail measurements in Step 3 to be sure they match the initial corner-to-corner measurement in Step 2.
  5. Continue this process around the room, noting the measurements on your sketch.
  6. Take photographs of the room from all angles to show all walls of the room. Try to capture each wall straight-on, with a bit of the floor and a bit of the ceiling. Then capture each corner straight-on.  
  7. Photograph or scan and then email (or mail) a copy of the drawing to us along with the photos. If you wish to use Google Drive, Dropbox or some other method of delivery, we are happy to accommodate that.  

Other measurements and details that would be helpful to know

  • Heights: Floor-to-ceiling; door and window heights; switch and outlet heights; sconce heights; fireplace mantle and hearth heights.
  • Geographic position of the room (where is North, South, East and West?): it would be helpful to know where the sun comes in and when.
  • If you indicated in the Questionnaire that there are pieces that you would like to keep or repurpose, please list them and provide their dimensions (overall height, depth & width, with seat and arm heights for chairs) and any details you believe might help us. (Example: “I want to repurpose this low slipper chair but would like to reupholster it.  I think I'd like any fabric but NOT light-colored, as I have a black cat,” or "I want to use this china cabinet and absolutely cannot bear the thought of painting it.")