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Color of the Year

I just found out that we at SYI are exceptionally current!  

Benjamin Moore, Power House of Color, has declared Guilford Green 2015's Color of the Year.

And here it is!  

Yep, that's Guilford Green above the white line, in the Tween Green room we just installed this summer.

"Monochromatic colors feel right, right now," the good folks at BM tell us. "Try warm, cool, dark and light layers of the same hue. It's one chromatic concept, gracefully flowing room to room.

"Guilford Green (HC-116) is the color that ties this altogether [sic], our 2015 Color of the Year. A neutral color that is a natural. A silvery green that works a wide range of color combinations - from neutrals to daring shades."

Yellow-toned Guilford Green on the wall, coexisting beautifully with neutral Grant Beige (HC-83) below it and a custom-painted blue-green dresser in front (Webster Green HC-130 and Lehigh Green HC-131).  

You can download your own guide for 2015's Color Trends here. Meanwhile, what are your go-to colors? Colors that are somehow warm and cool all at once, or depending on the time of day and other things in the room? Colors that make brass and brushed nickel seem like natural companions? I call them Magical Colors. Revere Pewter (HC-172) is one that seems to be everywhere these days. 

Here's another one: Stratton Blue (HC-142). Aaah.

Just beware: a bridesmaid dress billed as "periwinkle" could arrive and strike you as "dentist blue" (as mine struck my sister fifteen years ago). Color defies language, and (gasp) probably Benjamin Moore's predictions, too. It's about how it feels to you, how the light strikes it, if it plays well with others. Guilford Green, Revere Pewter and Stratton Blue are great places to start. Where have you ended up with success?