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Susan Yeley Design Services.

We help alleviate the stress of a renovation, and we help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Our Services

Interior Design

This is the heart of our business: changes to the inside of your home, from knocking down walls to reorient a space completely, to picking the light fixtures and throw pillows. We work on kitchens, bathrooms, living, sleeping, and gathering spaces - pretty much any space you throw at us, big or small, whether it needs architectural changes or new furniture and accessories. We help you define the look and feel, the layout, scale, colors and finishes. We guide, organize, and prioritize. We sweat the details. 


Our team includes an architect as well as an interior designer, so we can design your whole house or addition—and trust us, you want your architect and interior designer on the same team, working closely together from the get-go. After all, you live inside your house, right? When SYH creates architectural plans, we do it with an eye to how you will use, move through and experience the space - not to mention how your stuff will fit in it. We work with contractors to bridge your vision with their skills, and to help you answer the questions they're always asking: schluter or bullnose? glossy or matte? where do the lights go? how are they switched?

Full Service Design and Project Management 

We offer two levels of engagement: Preliminary Design and Full Service. The former gets you going in the right direction, and you manage the details and execution of a project on your own. The latter is, to be honest, an incredible relief for the clients who sign up for it. Full service means we take all the weight of the details and decisions and communication off your shoulders, leaving you to focus on the exciting prospect of the new space you will be living in soon(!) and just to do your life, like you always do. We pride ourselves on designing for the particular humans (and sometimes non-humans) who live in our projects; but we are also expert jugglers. We hold all the pieces, responding to the contractors' many domino-ing questions, while also managing our clients' emotions and expectations as the project progresses.