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Boob Light Upgrades For UNDER $100

Alright. We recently listed the choices that makes us sad and cluck our tongues when it comes to house flipping finishes. 

One has an incredibly easy solution. Boob lights. And this is something found in many homes. You may have one yourself that you've put up with for way too long. 

There are many blog posts out there that list boob light alternatives. But they quickly date themselves. Links break, products are discontinued. 

So, here's a current list of flush/semi-flush mount pendants under $100. Granted, they are not as much of a steal as 2 for $7 boob lights at your big box store. But they won't break the bank either. Some are great for hallways and entry ways. Others are good for laundry rooms. There are 1-, 2-, and 3-light varieties listed. Many come in multiple finishes. So, if brass ain't your thing, chances are there is a bronze or a white or nickel in the link.

Get on it. You deserve better. Upgrade your boob light. 


Oh, and for a touch over $100, there is this 3-light fixture that comes in a rainbow of colors. Even white for those of you that play it safe.

Susan Yeley